Star Sighting: Mayor Ed Lee Visits Bernal’s New Mini-Park

Mayor Lee

Vista Pointe Gardens

Hey there celebrity-spotters! Guess who dropped by Bernalwood yesterday? Why, it was our very own interim mayor, the Honorable Ed Lee! The Mayor was here to take part in the ribbon-cutting ceremony for our fabulous new Vista Pointe Garden mini-park on Bernal Heights Boulevard, and it was a very sweet little event.

Truth is, however, even though the Mayor is famous for his side-splitting charisma, drop-dead sense of style, and spectacular singing voice, the real star of the show was project director Julian Wyler, who spearheaded the volunteer effort to make this glamorous new park a reality. Say hello to Julian:

Vista Pointe Gardens

This is Mayor Ed giving Julian a well-deserved Certificate of Honor:

Vista Pointe Gardens

Then Mayor Ed and Julian cut the grand-opening ribbon with giant clown scissors:

Vista Pointe Gardens

Afterward, Julian and the Mayor had a bromantic moment:

Vista Pointe Gardens

But seriously… Immense thanks go out to Julian and all the volunteers from Friends of Bernal Gardens who helped make this new park possible. It is truly an impressive feat. And thanks to Mayor Ed for making the trek to Bernal Heights to recognize that fact.

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10 thoughts on “Star Sighting: Mayor Ed Lee Visits Bernal’s New Mini-Park

  1. Kudos all around! So cool they turned that corner into something beautiful.

    BTW, there used to be a public trash can on the corner there that seems to have disappeared. Anyone know if it’s coming back?

  2. Definitely a big improvement. But… did they run out of money for plants and a couple of benches? Sorry to go negative but I am a little underwhelmed by the finished product.

  3. The City spent $61,000 for that corner (via a grant to the volunteer group, I believe). A lot a city money is dispersed this way, through community, volunteer and non-profit organizations.

  4. Does anyone know about the trash can? I and many others are upset about this. If it is intentional and not replaced we will be quite angry. Hopefully this is not part of the Newsom plan to dissuade the few people who do my “dump” properly and punish the citizens who take care of their community. Oh and by the way pay taxes!

    Trying not to be angry on Franconia


  5. Nice job Julian and Mayor Ed, but.. only a city planning department would be forward thinking enough to put in a park and take away a trash can, one that’s been near the bus stop on the corner for years.

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