Lost Dog Alert!! Lost Dog Alert!! (UPDATE: Doggie Found!)

Several neightbors called the Bernalwood red phone today to help spread the word about a missing dog named Nip who normally resides in North Bernal. Assistance wanted. Be on the lookout. Calling all units, etc. etc.

Neighbor Reyhan writes:

This is Nip, with his owner. I live on Treat Ave., next door to Nip, and came home around midnight last night to see a bunch of neighbors outside, talking about Nip’s disappearance. Apparently, he sprinted down the Treat Ave. hill into Precita Park in the late afternoon and was last spotted running up Folsom, towards Bernal Hill. Seems a neighbor down the street was dogsitting, as Nip’s owners are out of town. No word this morning on whether he’s been found.

Nip is a skittish little guy who no one thinks went far but is very hard to catch; anyone who sees him should call Animal Control.

UPDATE: Dynamutts adds…

She was last seen near Hwy 280, near Alemany Exit. Call Bill at 415 307-1080 (ONLY IF SIGHTED) or Animal Care and Control (415) 554-6364.

UPDATE2: Found doggie! Whew! Reader Korney writes:

Reports of “sightings” came in that led them to McLaren Park.  When Bill got to the park, Nip was waiting for him.

4 thoughts on “Lost Dog Alert!! Lost Dog Alert!! (UPDATE: Doggie Found!)

  1. I had this same issue dogsitting for some friends.. Damn dog ran from the backyard of my old house where it was hiding up through the house and out the front door.. then ran home 2 miles across 19th Ave at rush hour.. Animal Control was amazingly helpful.. so if you ever lose your dog (or someone else’s) call them.. They kept calling me with sightings, and after 5 or 6 sightings, I realized the damn dog was heading home. So I went to my friend’s house and there the dog was, sitting in the driveway.

  2. Nip, Bill and I want to thank all of you for your help and concern. We wouldn’t have been reunited without this astonishing and beautiful chain of communications.
    With deepest gratitude,

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