How the Gatsbys of Noe Valley Look at Bernal Heights

Bernal HeightsDo you remember that opening scene in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, where Gatsby looks whistfully at the green light across the bay over in tony East Egg? And how he is drawn toward that light because it embodies all his far-distant ambitions and hopes for the future? Well, some folks in Noe Valley apparently experience the same thing when they look at the lights of Bernal Hill.

These are a few recent submissions to Bernalwood’s Flickr group, and as you can see, the photos are all the more poignant because they are so obviously tinged with envy and longing. Superphotog Bob Horowitz took the one at the top, and Toby Tuper took a few as well:


Toby also took this next one, which is extremely revealing psychologically because he chose to photograph it in GatsbyVision:


PHOTOS: Bob Horowitz and Toby Tuper

7 thoughts on “How the Gatsbys of Noe Valley Look at Bernal Heights

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