1939 Studebaker Time Capsule Emerges from Bernal Garage

Reader Karen was on hand last weekend when a car built during FDR’s presidency emerged from a Bernalwood garage for the first time since LBJ’s presidency:

Here’s a 1939 Studebaker being towed out of a garage at 1687 Alabama, a house that’s been derelict for the 8 years we’ve lived in the nabe — but which is now for sale by Shelley Trew. The owner of the car said it’s been sitting for 45 years. Some rust, but otherwise beautiful.

Karen was also kind enough to include a short video of the Studebaker emerging into the sunlight for the first time in a very long time. Bernalwood took the liberty of converting the video to slow-motion and adding a soundtrack for dramatic emphasis:

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6 thoughts on “1939 Studebaker Time Capsule Emerges from Bernal Garage

  1. sitting in the garage for 45 years ??? . Almost all of my close neighbors also have old cars siiting in their garages and use the streets to park their newer cars
    no wonder parking is so hard to find 😦

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  3. It appears a attempt was made to hot rod the car (fat rear tires & rear Nerf bumpers)Thankfully not much damage appears to have been done

  4. Hey, all – I’m a Studebaker fan – my 1952 Stude lives in a garage on Ripley St. Where did this gem go, who owns it now and is it for sale? I can pass the word to my friends in the Studebaker Drivers Club.


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