Beware and Celebrate the Entrenchment of Precita Avenue

Our Bernalwood brothas and sistas over on Bocana had to suffer through the process back in February, and now it’s Precita Avenue’s turn…

Hooray for new infrastructure! The residents of Precita west of Folsom will soon get a sporty new sewer pipe running right down the center of the street AND all-new asphalt to cover it all up. (Trivia Fun Fact: The current sewer pipe is over 100 years old.)

But first, Precitans must endure lots of noise, dirt, limited access and — if they’re really, really, really lucky — maybe even the occasional poopy-water plume.

Construction on Precita began yesterday, and will likely take a month to complete. Until then, residents are advised to remain calm and perhaps wear earplugs, while visitors may want to avoid transiting through that part of Precita this month to prevent construction-related delays. Keep Calm, Carry On, and all that.

Besides, the way-more massive entrenchment of Cesar Chavez Boulevard is slated to start soon, and that will make this business on Precita look like a sandbox play date.

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7 thoughts on “Beware and Celebrate the Entrenchment of Precita Avenue

  1. We’ve asked the City – for 20 years or so – to replace the sewer down the middle of the 100 block of Ripley St. to fix the leak and sinkhole in front of our house at 120. The response has been “probably not in your or our lifetimes.”

  2. For you residents on Precita, keep an eye on those restricted parking signs. They stopped construction on Bocana for a couple of months without removing the old signs, then one day replaced the signs with new ones 72 hours before restarting construction. So they fulfilled their legal obligation, but those who stopped reading the parking signs weeks before (or those, like me, who were on vacation when they were posted) ended up with a very nasty $450 towing bill and ticket. But on the bright side, we now have a nice, smooth, pothole-free street.

  3. Any idea if they are also doing this on Coleridge Street? They have the no parking signs for 2 weeks on Coleridge between Virginia and Prospect (starting tomorrow.)

  4. The Shaw Pipeline folks did the top of Peralta last month. Crazy seeing that giant scoop flinging dirt around five feet outside my window, but they were quite helpful in guiding my car out of the garage so I didn’t back into the15-foot trench. They finished up last Friday and poured fresh concrete (no asphalt on that block) two weeks after they started.

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