Vandal Ruins Emmy’s New Art; Citizen Helps Capture the Culprit

 Okay, this is really sad.

In a brazen, daylight attack, some wacko dude defaced the new street art installed on the side of Emmy’s Spaghetti Shack. The pieces had been commissioned by Emmy herself, apparently, but on Monday morning the murals were attacked by a vandal armed with a can of white spraypaint.

Here’s what they looked like last week, BEFORE the vandal attacked:

Street Art by Haculla

So, that’s the bad news. The good news is, a Bernalwood reader caught the vandal in action:

Our tipster writes:

I was walking past Emmy’s about 9:50 this morning and saw this guy brazenly defacing the new artwork in broad daylight.  I didn’t confront him (I had my 20 month-old daughter strapped to my back; not sure if I would have otherwise), but I took his picture and called the police with a description.

And even better news: The SFPD got the guy. Bernalwood is told he was a regular patron at Emmy’s, and may be struggling with some sort of substance-induced loose screw or some such, but the belief is that the defacement was not an act of malice.

Still, really sad. Fingers crossed that the Emmy can restore the piece or secure a worthy replacement.

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30 thoughts on “Vandal Ruins Emmy’s New Art; Citizen Helps Capture the Culprit

  1. If you get some adhesive remover from a paint supply store, it will remove all the non-cured paint (the spray paint) from the mural. You have to do it in a relatively short time period, but it can be done and will remove the spray paint (have to let it sit after you spray the adhesive remover on).

    Glad this douchebag was caught.

  2. This is a bummer, yeah. I much preferred the old artwork to the new, but even the new was infinitely preferable to the tagged up mess that this guy left.

  3. Guess the only way to protect these works of art is to seal behind glass or plastic. What a tragedy but hope it can be rectified in short order.

  4. I hope nobody thinks I’m a mean person if I say that the new mural at Emmy’s was profoundly ugly. The fact that this happened totally sucks for them, but maybe it will be a chance to put up something a little better-looking?

    • No, I agree with you, re: aesthetic quality of new mural vs. old one. But REGARDLESS, the new mural was still much better than the tagged up vandalized wall that is NOW there.

  5. Thank God someone else thought that the new mural was UGLY!

    I think this is a really good opportunity for the people at Emmy’s to give a long hard thought to what they want on this wall as it is really like a huge sign for them. Do they really want some vampire-esque hipster star day-glo crap representing them to all of the masses? At first I actually thought the new mural was just someone paint bombing their mural considering the low quality of the work being done there. Did Emmy actually see the work before the concession?

    Please, please, please use this as a sign from the mural gods to do something actually artistic!

    FYI: – give them a call

    • I’m going to dissent somewhat here. I actually liked the Emmy’s art (though I can certainly see how many might disagree). It was kind of edgy stuff, to be sure, but I appreciated it.

      But please please please no more Precita Eyes. The art that’s on Emmy’s may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is skillfully executed. Meanwhile, I’ve been spending way too much time looking at the mural Precita Eyes did at 555 Bartlett (mural on Chavez @ Mission) and it is simply awful. it looks like it was done by first-graders, and even if it WAS done by first-graders, that doesn’t make it any better to look at.

  6. The artwork looks like that of the woman who drives the car with stickers adhered of similar style. Heads of women, men, etc. They are all over bernal hill and the artist and husband live near and are dear supporters Paul Revere. That is, if it is her artwork. I wish I could remember her name, but there are cut outs and stickers her wood works all over.

  7. Loved the new Emmy’s, hate that it was vandalized, not all that psyched about too much more of the Precita Eyes style. It’s good, but it can already be found in so many spots.

  8. Yeah, the thing at Mish/Army is horrrrriiibble – I thought is was some cheap commissioned pos by someone trying to paint something authentic but seriously failing.

    Yes, I said it. ARMY.

  9. Whatever that is at Emmy’s is pretty gross but at least it’s not the same old same old precita eyes style – soooooo bored with the mural version of political correctness in this nabe. Ontoh, at least it’s not the aggro pornograf in my neck of the mish that seems to be coming into vogue.

  10. I found the mural to be horrendously awful. Emmy, please take this as an opportunity to replace it with something more suitable to the neighborhood and to an establishment with pretty decent food.

  11. new emmy’s mural is hideous. i thought someone had vandalized the old one, which was not great either.

  12. Wow, surprised to read that the new mural was commissioned by Emmy’s! Since it was so different from the last one we thought it had something to do with the newish (remolded) bar right on the corner…I mean, “more bounce to the ounce”…what is that about?

    Regardless, love Emmy’s and love that our neighborhood looks out for the local businesses.

    • I’m hoping More Bounce to the Ounce is a reference to one of the greatest songs of all time: Zapp and Roger’s gem circa 1980. And now it’s in my head, whoohoo!

  13. While I’m not excusing what the tagger was doing, I think BOTH the old and the new murals were CRAP.

  14. At the risk of being overly PC, does it seem not quite right to have the photo of the vandal posted? He did commit a crime, and I’m glad he was caught, but given the liklihood that he is mentally disturbed, showing his photo just seems off note to me. I mean, what exactly is the point of doing that? Then again, I’m not a fan of reality tv and I always wonder why people who misbehave are willing to have it exposed on camera. All the same, thanks for reporting on our local news!

  15. I doubt he is mentally disturbed… just a hater pissing permanently on the wall.
    I am glad that he was caught, and that is pic is posted.
    But where does it go from here? Will he be charged? Fined? What?
    I mean he was caught IN THE ACT!!!

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