San Francisco Declares War on Radish

Bernal Journal shared this photo taken near the south gate on Bernal Hill.

Though a quiet and seemingly humble foe, it seems our City has been overrun by marauding hordes of feral radish. To combat the Radish Menace, park maintenance officials today reached for the nuclear option.

Sources tell Bernalwood that in closed-door meetings, Fleet Admiral Alice Waters had vehemently opposed this proposal. Instead, Waters favored the use of a counterinsurgency technique that she called “The Salad Strategy.” But in the end, her plan was overruled.

Meanwhile, Bernal Journal is not pleased:

PHOTO: @bernaljournal

4 thoughts on “San Francisco Declares War on Radish

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  2. And it’s not a “Pesticide”. Roundup is an herbicide.

    It’s bad enough my neighbor sprays this shit all over her driveway and sidewalk at this time of year, rather than get off her fat ass and pluck the 13 “weeds” that are blighting her concrete. Why are government agencies such big fans of this stuff?

    Workers injured and killed en route to big Roundup spray: clicky here.

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