Three Recent Bernalwood Mysteries, Now Solved

One of the most fun things about editing Bernalwood has been watching the speed and (collective) intelligence of this blog’s readership. Simply posing a question or highlighting an unknown usually results in someone chiming in with the answer to the question we’ve all been asking.

It happened yesterday, for example, when a Bernalwood reader quickly provided an explanation for Sunday morning’s police activity on Coleridge. It also happened a few other times recently, but you might have missed the updates if you weren’t following the comments. So let us now highlight some useful knowledge provided to us by the BIA (Bernalwood Intelligence Agency):

MYSTERY 1: What was Tony’s Trade Winds?

Toni's Trade Winds

What’s the story behind the old sign on Cortland, and the business it once advertised? Reader Patrick D says it was a breakfast joint, and he paints a vivid picture:

In the early 80′s we dropped in twice or three times for breakfasts. Hearty, solid, with some fine banana pancakes, known as a specialty. Was open, as I remember it, only intermittently – maybe only in the mornings? Inside felt like an old Provincetown Cafe I used to go to in the 60′s: low ceiling, wooden tables, wooden chairs, cups continually refilled with hot, boiled coffee.

MYSTERY 2: What is the Proposed Name and Business Plan for the New Cannabis/Coffee Shop at 3139 Mission Street?

3139 Mission Street

What will they call the proposed new dispensary/coffee shop? And will it really be like a coffee shop in Amsterdam? According to Reader L, a board member with the nonprofit that will operate the dispensary, the facility will be called “Herbal Mission” and it will be much less fun than Amsterdam:

To clarify alot of misconception the proposed [medical cannabis dispensary]/coffee shop at 3139 Mission st will not be one entity. The coffee shop will occupy the front of the building creating a storefront with outdoor seating for people to enjoy high-end coffee and pasteries and in no way will serve any cannabis products. The MCD will occupy the back of the building and have a seperate entrance from the coffee shop and only qualified patients will be able to enter the Dispensary. The Dispensary will not allow any smoking or vaporizing on site.

MYSTERY 3: What Will Become of Al’s Cafe Good Food?

Al's Cafe

The elderly sisters who ran Al’s recently closed down the venerable cafe, and a sign in the window says the place will be back under new management. What does that really mean? Reader Otto was on the case:

We walked by there a week or two ago while a cleaning crew was working on the place, and the new manager was standing outside talking to someone. After getting over our shock at the place being closed and the front window display being empty, he told us that Jean and her sister had sold the place to someone who worked there, he’d be managing it for the new owner, and they planned to fix it up and clean the space top to bottom. They said they might eventually try to open for dinner and add some new equipment to expand the menu, but mainly they plan to keep it a diner with the same low prices. We’ll see…

Thanks to one and all for your memories, your insight, and your gumshoe sleuthing. Bernalwood is community-powered, so you are encouraged to chime in anytime with tips, breaking news, or oddball photos of sightings of strange things in the neighborhood. Either use the comments, or our direct email hotline at <bernalwood *at* gmail *dot* com>. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “Three Recent Bernalwood Mysteries, Now Solved

  1. Al’s has lots of potential. Can’t say I had very pleasant eating experiences there, but it’s certainly an icon.

  2. I’ve got a mystery: Does anyone know what is going on with the building on Cortland between Folsom and Gates, across the street from pizza express? It’s a big, interesting building that looks like it’s being completely renovated.

  3. o NO!!! Al’s Good Food was so fun! I loved the window decoration changes with each and every holiday you can imagine.

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