Happy Motoring During the 2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

2011 Bernal GT

I had such a great time on the road last Sunday driving in the 2011 Bernal GT.

Organized by the überdudes from Bernal Dads Racing, the Bernal GT started at Fort Funston, meandered to Pescadero (via just about every twisty-curvey road between here and there), and then concluded at our own Holly Park.

There were 25+ glamorous cars on hand for the event — including two Ferraris, several classic Volvos, a rare Dinalpin, a 1964 Alfa Romeo, a 1956 Jaguar, a DeLorean (sans flux capacitors), and one mutant Porsche 914 repowered with an engine from a Subaru WRX.

Meanwhile, in true Bernal fashion, the GT was extremely kid-friendly, and many of the above vehicles came tricked-out with kiddie car seats — and young’uns to warm them. A favorite moment: Watching a pack of kids pile into a Ferrari to gobble down a box of donuts in the back seat. (Somewhere, Enzo Ferrari was rolling in his grave.)

There was another so-Bernal aspect to the rally as well: The warmth and hospitality of the participants. For example, one gentleman from BDR actually loaned me a 1972 BMW 3.0 CS to use for the day. (“I can’t go, but my car wants to,” he playfully explained.) The car was a dream to drive, but the gesture itself was the best part. Sweet! So this was my ride for the day:
2011 Bernal GTAnd here is what it was like to drive the BMW up a winding, wooded hill near La Honda while chasing Ben Buja’s Volvo 124:

Lots more photos in the 2011 Bernal GT slideshow right here.

Special thanks to Armando, Ben, and Fiid for organizing the 2011 Bernal GT!

PHOTOS: Telstar Logistics

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