Race Summary: Bernal Dads Get Results in Reno

Equipped with a spiffy new set of lights that not both pierced the Nevada night and increased their car’s Road Warrior quotient by about 15x, Bernal Dads Racing had a successful weekend in Reno competing in the 24 Hours of LeMons.

Battling darkness, cold, rain, and the inevitable weirdness that results from grafting a Volvo station wagon body onto a Mazda Miata, BDR’s “Molvo” completed the entire race. Team Member Fiid Williams sent along this summary:

The Molvo finished it’s (and ours) first around the clock 24 hour race with very little in the way of problems!  We think we placed either 24th or 26th overall an around 4th or 5th in our class (B – Bad).  We started off around 32nd place and then dropped down to 49th shortly after and then started working our way back up into the top 30.  We had a few black flags in the beginning that yielded us the “build an art-project engine out of cardboard” penalty.  The chief race perpetrator, Jay Lamm was around at this time and we managed to mitigate the penalty by letting him drive our car while we were working on it!!  The car and it’s drivers held it together for the full 24 hours.  We sent Mason out last with a screw in the tire (we had no way to fix it) and it stayed inflated until the cooldown lap, so all in all; a very successful and extremely fun race!!

Indeed, the The Molvo crossed the finish line in fine form:

Team member Stephan Zuercher sent along this video of the moment:

Sneakily, Bernalwood mounted  a spycam inside the Molvo to capture the action during the race. Here’s an exclusive in-car photo we captured during a particularly intense segment of the competition:

Go Bernal Dads, Go!

PHOTOS: Molvo by Stephan Zuercher

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