Is This the Best Jukebox in Bernal Heights?

So, is this the best jukebox in all of Bernal Heights? You’ll find this one inside the 3300 Club on Mission at 29th, and according to Emily Savage of the SF Weekly, it rocks the hardest:

3300 Club is the best kind of dive. It’s dark, comforting, and full of regulars who get smacked down a peg by the sassy bartender when they get too mouthy. The homemade artwork on the walls is as eclectic as the music on the jukebox. The club’s classic juke has a delightful mix of Chet Baker, the Kinks, the Specials, and Frank Sinatra. The traditional choices are there in full force — Johnny Cash, Tom Petty, the Rolling Stones — along with some interesting new choices like Mumford & Sons and Duffy. There are even oddball options like Fishbone, and, of course, perfect whiskey-drinking companions like Tom Waits.

The club has a wonderful array of choices, records to fit your every mood, and just enough charm to keep you seated squarely on your stool at the bar, cold drink in hand.

The jukeboxes at Nap’s 3 and El Rio also get kudos, but frankly, I fear the judges may have overlooked the *coolest* jukebox(es) in the Dominion of Bernalwood: The old-skool tableside units found inside the mildly-scary Silver Crest Diner on Bayshore. I doubt that the 45s at Silver Crest have been changed since 1971, but that’s just part of the charm:

PHOTOS: Top, 3300 Club by Telstar Logistics. Bottom, Silver Crest by sam_ward13

9 thoughts on “Is This the Best Jukebox in Bernal Heights?

  1. Have you ever been in that Silver Crest Diner? We stumbled in there for breakfast once, and I think the milk my daughter got for her cereal was from 1971, too. And there wasn’t a soul around. What’s the story there? Anyone know?

    • Yes, I have. There was another thread all about this place on another post a few weeks back.

  2. No, it is not the best jukebox in Bernal Heights, because it is not in Bernal Heights, it is in La Lengua.

    • It is formally in the Liminal Zone, but remember also that La Lengua is an Autonomous Region within the Dominion of Bernalwood. Which comes in handy in situations like this! Hee.

      • I must respectfully disagree, sirrah. An argument could be made that buildings on the east side of Mission St are in Bernal Heights as well as La Lengua, but anything on the West side of the street are firmly outside the borders of Bernal Heights.

      • Anticipating just such legalism, sir, the treaty is quite clear on this matter:

        “RESOLVED: We, the overlords of Bernalwood, do cede La Lengua to the denizens of same, and that funny name too. However, La Lenguans should be advised that as the overlords of Bernalwood, and being far more vain and glamorous, we shall in perpetuity claim La Lengua within our own Greater Sphere of Co-Prosperity and Influence, and that we shall retain certain Rights and Privileges regarding various Establishments contained within La Lengua, particularly as they pertain to eateries and gun shops along Mission Street, and the Liminal Area thereabouts.”

  3. It’s very easy. Bernal Heights has the most distinctive borders of any neighborhood in the city. South of Cesar Chavez (the dry cleaners at the end of South Van Ness = Bernal, the old Hollywood video = Mission), East of Mission (Big Lots = Bernal, 3300 Club = La Lengua), West of 101, North of 280. See? Easy. Just don’t get me started about St. Mary’s Park.

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