Yarn Bomb Detonates on Wool Street

Funny coincidence…

In the car yesterday, I listened to an NPR piece about Captain Hook, a guerilla street artist who knits sweaters and scarves for statues and monuments in Los Angeles. The practice is called yarn bombing, and it’s happening in Bernalwood too; Last night reader Said by Laura called our attention to a yarn bomb she spotted on — wait for it — Wool Street. A little cozy for the Wool Street street sign. How clever! How cute! Also, nice work matching the trim on the yarn bomb with the color of the house behind.

PHOTO: @saidbylaura

5 thoughts on “Yarn Bomb Detonates on Wool Street

  1. As an intimate friend of the yarn bomber’s (not sure I like this name as much as “guerilla knitters,” which is the term I’ve been hearing and using) and a neighbor of the sign cozy, I say MORE STREET KNITTING/BEAUTIFICATION, PLEASE.

      • I suppose we can all just watch and wait. And if it begins to look like dreck, you can bet some fine Bernal citizen will remove it!

  2. If you think the pole cozy is cute, you should see what else she does!
    Knitted fabulous hats for her kid’s elementary school auction! And as far
    as the rain goes, it is wool. Wool is what people wore before their clothes
    came from petroleum. Ever seen a sheep with an umbrella?

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