On Good Friday, Jesus Was Crucified on Bernal Hill

This Foursquare check-in from Brian Wong on Friday night certainly got my attention:

Jesus is being crucified on bernal hill (@ Bernal Heights Park)

Brian’s photo, shown above, was a real eye-catcher as well.

Meanwhile, according to reader Roger, the reenactment took place the corner of Folsom and Ripley, on the north side of the park.

He writes:

It was pretty epic. According to my neighbor (40 years on corner of Folsom/Ripley) it has been going on for years but typically happens in the early afternoon. After doing some digging, I discovered it was not St. Anthony’s but another church from down on the flats.

Apart from being rather graphic, he reports that it was also unquiet, with loudspeakers carrying chants of Latin and Spanish prayers. Very intense.

PHOTOS: Top, Brian Wong. Below, reader Roger.

8 thoughts on “On Good Friday, Jesus Was Crucified on Bernal Hill

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  2. Yeah, they do this every year. It is quite an impressive re-enactment. They walk up the hill chanting and praying and whipping (just pretend) a man carrying the cross. A while later they walk back down the hill with a dead jesus in a box (which is funny because the box is only about 3-4′ long and the jesus inside is quite small). I live on Folsom on the north slope, so I get a pretty good seat to the show. My husband manages to be at work every year when they do it so he’s never seen it. It happens around dusk, or just after the sun goes down. People sometimes carry candles…

  3. hey. that’s my picture! thanks for the mention! the noise caught our attention and we had to walk around the corner to see exactly what the heck was going on.

  4. Anyone catch this on film? Good Friday is the day it occurs each year. I happened across it and thought it was a movie being made, so been doing a search for a crucifixion movie, to no avail, of course. Anyone have any other details, I would love to hear them, or pictures, movies. I plan to attend next year to see this event. What church hosts this, if anyone knows?

  5. I think I can dig up some from-my-window-on-my-phone footage from a few years ago, if you really want it. I can’t remember which church does this, but I know it is NOT Immaculate Conception, which the procession walks by on their way up Folsom. It is some church in the mission. Someone around here knows which one, I remember seeing more info about it somewhere – either on bernalwood or on one of the parents lists.

      • Hrm. I looked through my photos in March and April of the past 5 years and didn’t find anything. Possibilities are that 1) I deleted the pics I took because they were too poor quality to tell what was going on (its dark out there when they walk up the hill, and from my window, pics don’t turn out good) 2) the pics and/or video I took happened before 2007 (I’ve lived here since 2004 and I believe they were doing it then), which is before my macbook and before iphoto which means they would have been saved on my PC which has since been smashed and recycled with no harddrive backups, (oops) or 3) I did take a photo or video with my phone and never bothered to upload it to my computer. Wish I had a better memory!

        Damn! Sorry to tease!

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