Residents Protest SFPD’s Transfer of Sergeant James Miller, Bernal’s Best Crimefighter

There’s serious concern on the Bernalsafe mailing list about the San Francisco Police Department’s recent decision to transfer Sgt. James Miller from the Ingleside
Station (which covers Bernal Heights) to another part of the City. The transfer is ostensibly temporary, but there’s no sign that Sgt. Miller is coming back anytime soon.

By most accounts, Sgt. Miller’s intelligence and intimate familiarity with Bernal Heights have made him an invaluable resource for neighborhood crimestoppers. A letter-writing campaign is now underway to try to reverse the SFPD’s decision.

Here’s one such letter, written by Deb McDonald of the Andersen Street Safe Alliance (and republished here with her permission):

Dear Chief Godown,

I am one of a large group of committed citizens in Bernal Heights who follow the goings on at SFPD closely because we have serious ongoing public safety (crime) concerns here in this part of the city.

So when I heard this morning that Sgt. Jim Miller was being transferred from Ingleside to the Central Station I jumped into action along with hundreds of my neighbors.

Sgt. Miller is the best SFPD resource we have in Ingleside. He knows every inch of this district and he knows many of us personally. He is my first point of contact at SFPD whenever I have a serious concern about crime in my immediate area. He has consistently provided this community with solid support and direction in improving public safety.

We are just getting to know you as temporary Chief of Police. You could go a long way toward gaining our support in the future if you immediately reverse this bad decision and keep Sgt. Miller here in Ingleside where his knowledge of the community and his long standing relationships with us represent one of SFPD’s greatest assets.

We are waiting to hear from you about this. Please do the right thing. KEEP SGT. MILLER AT INGLESIDE!!!

Thank you.

On behalf of Anderson Street Safe Alliance

Deb McDonald

If you’d like to write as well, Chief Godown can be reached at Remember: Please remain courteous but clear in your correspondence with the Chief.

PHOTO: Telstar Logistics

2 thoughts on “Residents Protest SFPD’s Transfer of Sergeant James Miller, Bernal’s Best Crimefighter

  1. Hi
    Just a little clarity – it is not a plan to transfer – Sergeant Miller is already at Central Station. We were told it would be a two week stint and it is more than that now.
    We want him back!

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