Two Bernal Luxury Apartments Repackaged as One $3.5 Million Mini-MegaMansion

California Home and Design takes a look at a new home that was recently completed in Bernalwood at 3119 Harrison Street, between Precita Park and Cesar Chavez:

The Basics: A two-unit building, offering a total of six bedrooms, more or less, six baths, plus a lot of parking, for $3.49M, sort of in the Bernal Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, barely, and almost in the Mission.

Not So Basic: New construction in a very current design, it’s now offered as a single property with “Luxury Compound can be modified by builders to meet your every need!” prominent in the listing text. It had originally appeared on the market in 2009 as two units for $2.37M each, then as two units at $1.695M and $1.895M respectively (one is a tad larger) and now again as one for a total of $1.25M less. Their rationale is probably that more expensive properties have sold well in San Francisco, and so the developers are offering to rework it as one luxury property for someone who’s rich, young and relatively fearless.

Lots more pictures here.

4 thoughts on “Two Bernal Luxury Apartments Repackaged as One $3.5 Million Mini-MegaMansion

  1. I can’t imagine someone paying $3.5m for a house like that, sandwiched between much less valuable properties, with no land around it, etc etc.

    But, y’know, I guess no one ever went broke betting on the bad taste and gullibility of the rich.

  2. Thanks for this. I’ve been curious about it for a while. It’ll be interesting to see if it sells. Seems like if you can afford this place, you can also afford to live in a much, much better location with more outdoor space.

  3. This building is behind my house, on the other side of the block. I watched it being built for more than two years; it’s built right where the creek used to be, and they had a lot of difficulty with ground water. But it was very interesting to finally go through the house when it opened for prospective buyers. My wife asked the real estate agent who the “audience” for the place was. Young, rich techies, she answered candidly.

    It’s interesting that they want to sell it as a single mansion. The boundary between the two units is a little hard to perceive when you walk through the house.

  4. Is that the BAE Systems LROD rocket-propelled grenade protection kit on the upper left window? Tech!

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