Bernalwood’s Wild Kingdom, or How To Deal With Unwanted Guests

We’ve had mice, we’ve had rats, we’ve had raccoons living between the house and the neighbor’s house, we’ve had a falcon standing on our back deck, we’ve had friends who just hang around too long at the end of a party… but maybe I’ve said too much.

Here’s our latest run-in with a frequent visitor to our backyard who likes us so much he’s taken up residence in our crap-filled garage. I hope you can learn something from this.

6 thoughts on “Bernalwood’s Wild Kingdom, or How To Deal With Unwanted Guests

  1. Hilarious! It’s the Blair Witch Possum. But seriously, I have this stinking rat that will not go away. After spending too much money supposedly “rat-proofing” my garage with walls like a sieve, he or she hangs out in the backyard, eating LEMONS and terrorizing my dogs. Yes, my dogs (plural) are scared of the rat but that’s another story.

  2. Love the reaction of the camera holder. Classic! Though if I had to deal with a ‘possum of that size, I would probably freak out too. We have a raccoon (we think, actually haven’t seen the little bugger) living in our neighbors rafters. He (or they) come home at around 5am, making all kinds of scratching noises on the walls on the way in. Not really the way I like to wake up in the morning!

  3. I had an opossum problem in my home last week and called SF Animal Care and Control, who referred me to SF ROMP. ROMP will tell you it’s not a good idea to shut an opossum out of their nesting area because they may be caring for babies – especially this time of year. They will also tell you that opossums don’t spend every night in the same nest, so you can figure out when they come and go by putting flour around their entrance hole and checking for footprints daily. When they’re gone, then you can seal up their entryway. For more info please contact Jamie Ray at SF ROMP, 415-221-3498. She’s passionate about animals, has excellent resources, and is super helpful. Opossums are just trying to get by, too, so be kind! 🙂

  4. I can tell you that this feller didn’t have any babies and it had been there for a number of nights. It may still be with us despite my tearing apart everything in the garage.

  5. Here I was thinking that it was just my back deck on the west slope that had become Wild Kingdom. Last week, we had a possum drop by three nights in a row, hanging out so long that the cat now fondly believes she has a suitor. (Or stalker.)

    She’s not very bright, my cat.

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