Who Is the Mysterious Swordsman of Bernal Hill?

Did you happen to see a stray ninja on Bernal Hill last weekend? Or some dude who looked like he made a wrong turn on the way home from a Dungeons and Dragons marathon? Over on the Bernalsafe mailing list, one commenter asks:

Does anyone know anything about the guy who is seen on Bernal Hill with a sword? I heard a bunch of sirens go up the hill over the weekend (Sunday, around 2pm or 3pm) and my brother just happened to be walking to my house at the time. He saw an officer with an assault rifle (that’s what he called it, I don’t know one gun from another) creeping through the tall grass… he asked what was going on and they said something about a guy walking around with a sword. They apparently did not find the guy.

I was waiting for the Ingleside Newsletter for more info, but it doesn’t appear to have made the cut. My brother said the cops have had more than one report about this guy. Not sure what he is doing with the sword, maybe he’s just really into role playing or something?

Just curious.

PHOTO: One Lucky Guy

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