New CSA Farm Box in North Bernal Seeks Subscribers

Reader Caroline has set up a CSA pickup point at her home on the North Slope, and she’s hoping to find more subscribers. She tells Bernalwood:

Terra Firma Farm treks down to the city each week to deliver us urban dwellers delicious fresh veggies from their farm in Winters. There are pickup spots throughout the city — including our brand-new spot in north Bernal, on Winfield between Coso & Esmerelda. We need a few more folks to pick up from the new spot to keep it running!  If you’re an existing subscriber and would like to change your pickup, just go to Terra Firma Farm, sign in, and change your pickup spot to “Bernal – Winfield”. Or, sign up as a new subscriber. For more info, see the website or email Caroline.

Photos: Courtesy of Caroline

11 thoughts on “New CSA Farm Box in North Bernal Seeks Subscribers

  1. Ah, our CSA is through another provider with a slightly less convenient pickup location… We’ll have to consider that next year (as we’re committed).

  2. We’ve been happy TFF subscribers for years, and didn’t know about the new spot in Bernal. Thanks, Caroline and Bernalwood, for making our lives a little easier!

    • TFF is a smaller operation with better prices and great produce. Pablito, the author of the weekly newsletter, is unabashedly outspoken about the politics of food, and the personality of the folks running the farm is a part of the reason to subscribe.

      • It looks like the boxes cost the same, so TFF’s large box is larger than FFTY’s? I am totally into food politics but I’m not so into a commune farm run by anarchists, which I prejudicially imagine to be super inefficient (as well as prejudicially imagining that is the situation in the first place).

    • TFF grows most of its own produce in Winters (you can even go visit the farm and pick strawberries during their fall open house). They occasionally feature produce from neighboring farms (certain apples, asparagus, sweet potatoes) to supplement items that don’t grow on their farm certain times of year. We like the balance of fruits/vegetables/nuts, and the variety each week.

      We’ve learned to love their dino kale, creamy cauliflower, sweet carrots, plump strawberries, pungent green garlic, tender shelling peas, succulent melons, ridiculously good tomatoes … mmmm … is it Thursday yet?

    • That’s not a “fee” — it’s a “payment”: $150 will get you more than 10 weeks of the small box, which is a solid bargain on some very good food indeed.

      Thanks, Bernalwood and Caroline, for the broadcast and the news.

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