Anti-Choice Mini-Protest Outside Planned Parenthood on Valencia

Bernalwood resident Peephole filmed the anti-choice nano-protest yesterday, and she has the story:

Five guys outside a new (??) Planned Parenthood location on Valencia @ Mission. When they stood just right, two of their signs lined up to read: Your Mom The Baby.

I asked if they knew what Planned Parenthood did, and they prayed at me. I asked if they knew about the exams, testing, and women’s healthcare they provided as well as all sorts of family planning education and they prayed some more. Then it started raining harder and I guess they left.

12 thoughts on “Anti-Choice Mini-Protest Outside Planned Parenthood on Valencia

  1. I think the headline might be referring to Mini-Choice as being pro-choice …and outside of Planned Parenthood. But either way, it’s confusing.

  2. Thanks for the post and the great comments made to the protesters. When ever I see protesters at Planned Parenthoods I want to tell them that nationwide, Planned Parenthoods do more cancer testing than all other clinics! But I know they don’t actually care.

  3. How can we divert activist energy like this away from misogyny and apply it to more constructive purposes??

    • I don’t think this is activist energy diverted to misogyny. I think it’s misogyny diverted toward activism. If they stopped being misogynists, they wouldn’t suddenly start protesting Monsanto or something. They would just go home and stop harassing women seeking health care. Still a win for the world, but it’s not like these dudes are ever going to be constructive.

  4. I think it would be cool if dudes like this helped people get access to contraception. They could stop a lot more abortions that way. Standing with those signs they just look sad and misguided.

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