10 thoughts on “Where Have All Bernal’s Barbers Gone?

  1. All they guys in our house had our hair cut by Jake who lived above his shop there on Cortland between Andover and Bennington (?).
    The haircuts were interrupted whenever race results were announced on the radio as he ran over to turn up the volume, wrote something down in his little book, then went back to cutting hair.
    Ahh, tissue paper collar and and some mysterious powder brushed on ones neck made me feel pretty special back when I was 9.

  2. my father went to Jake’s barbershop for the haircut and the horserace conversation, then my brothers started going then my sons. no matter what crazy haircut my kids asked for they always came home with the Jake trademark cut

  3. I used to go to jakes when I was a little kid. I remember how bummed he would be when I insisted that he shave lines in the side of my head like MC hammer. He was a super nice guy.

  4. Sometime around 1971-72 another barber set up shop on Cortland, across from St Kevin’s I think. Anyway, he had posters of the Jackson 5, The Temptations, Dramatics etc., right there in the window. Caused quite a buzz amongst the Brothers that I went to school with. Everyone was going to get a slick Mowtown haircut that weekend.
    It ended up being a major case of false advertising. I knew 3 teary eyed guys that showed up to school Monday with shaved heads.
    Don’t think that barber lasted a year.

  5. Yes I went to Jake’s myself from the time we moved near Cortland, 1997, until he passed away, which wasn’t too long after. His shop was between Andover and Wool, right next to the wine/grocery shop, where half of Chloe’s Closet is now. I remember that he’d be closed one day a week so he could go get his bets in for the week. I coveted his 1959 Giants team picture showing them at Seals Stadium.

  6. Although my grandmother and uncle lived in Bernal Hts. since the 40’s I did not move here until “94. Took me a while to discover Jake’s. Loved the place, good straight-forward men’s haircut. Got my haircut by Mary’s across from the Safeway for a few years but now I go to Emelio’s way out on Mission and Farragut. If your looking for a good men’s bargbershop I highly recommend Emelio’s.

  7. On the ‘north side’ of the heights, there were two barber shops within throwing distance of my house on Precita… both on Army.

    Funny, I don’t remember being asked how I wanted the trim.

    Of course, those were the days of Eisenhower, Kennedy, etc. (Every dad was a WW II vet.)

  8. Perhaps you’re trying to be especially sensitive to La Lengua activists, but I think technically you’re mistaken: Cut Creations Barbershop is at Mission and Powers, making it part of Bernal Heights.

  9. Try Hair Junction on Mission, just north of Richland. Jose has opinions on everything and does a decnet hair cut for 10 bucks.

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