Four Photos That Make Bernalwood Look So Fabulous

It’s Friday. You need less words. You need more pictures. We know people who take pictures. So let’s oogle a few of the awesome photos lurking in the Bernalwood Flickr group.

Wake up, city.
Wake Up, City by Cyril_at_sf

Bernal Heights, San Francisco
Models and Bottles by Charlie Dillingham

Bonview Street
Bonview Street by Guillaume Lebleu

Bernal_Hill3 by Dyche

Do you take pictures? Of Bernalwood? Join us!

4 thoughts on “Four Photos That Make Bernalwood Look So Fabulous

  1. Oh, come on. How can Bernal be that fabulous. Over here in Noe, we have stroller moms, lots of babies, lots of hot daddies..and those dreaded parklets.

    We’re pretty fab over here.

    love, noe valley.

  2. What Noe doesn’t have in the same way as Bernal is a little thing I like to call ‘cottage character.’ I used to live in Hill Street, and enjoyed the sweeping views of that annoyingly steep street. And, although Bernal cannot boast the only views, things somehow look better from the top of Folsom Street – what with all the pastel colored houses clustered in different sizes and shapes.

    In contrast, Noe Valley has grown into the straight laced tidy development that Bernal refuses to do. I walk dogs in both neighborhoods and appreciate the blocks and blocks of clean, swept streets in Noe. But, nothing beats the charm of Bernal. The people, the cafe’s, even the dogs have their own air of ‘character’ that makes Bernal so fabulous.

    Some of those photos, by the way, are by my star employee, Matt Rice (aka Rat Mice.) Thanks for posting them!

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