Shepard Fairey on Bayshore Boulevard (And Your Living Room)

Very long story short… I’ve been following Shepard Fairey’s work ever since we were both students in Providence, Rhode Island during the 1980s. (I saw his early-career Andre the Giant/Buddy Cianci billboard hack live and in person, and it was sublime.) Since then, our paths have crossed many times,  both online and in person. And now they’ve crossed again, on Bernalwood’s back door.

On March 10, Fairey will offer screen prints of a 2003 street art installation of his Obey graphic on Bayshore Boulevard.  Step lively if you want want to get one to enjoy in the safety and comfort of your own home:

I’m illustrating some of my favorite street spots from over the years to be included in the LA MOCA “Art In The Streets” show, so I decided to make prints of some of my favorites. This one is from Bayshore Blvd. in San Francisco around 2003. Photo by Mark the Cobra Snake. The silhouette is some random lackey I hired because I don’t do street art myself.

18 x 24″ Screen Print, $45, Edition of 450, Limit 1 per person / household. Signed by Shepard Fairey. Release date: 3/10/2011 at a random time.

Image: Shepard Fairey

7 thoughts on “Shepard Fairey on Bayshore Boulevard (And Your Living Room)

  1. Oh, that’s nice! I love Fairey’s work, definitely one of the most meaningful artists working today.

  2. @rynot uh that is him in the picture. But because it is illegal to do what he is doing, well never mind its like trying to explain to a five year old

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