A Missed Connection On Cortland

Postitively Cortland
Because we’re all about the love, Bernalwood republishes this Missed Connection from Craigslist as a public service to romantics in our community:

You: Standing outside Bernal Yoga, short bobbed light-brown hair with a blue streak in front, petite, adorable. ~6pm, Monday (2/28).

Me: Walking distractedly down Cortland Ave. Brown hoodie, leather jacket, short dark hair, boyish. Noticed you standing there. You immediately riveted my attention. You looked up & caught me checking you out. Embarrassed, I looked down. When I dared glance back up, you met my gaze, took a sip from your water bottle then smiled. I smiled back and wanted to stop right there on the street to speak to you. Couldn’t think of a way fast enough before my walk carried me by. I crossed the street to Good Life grocery. You were getting on a bike, then rode out of my life.

Give me another chance to see your smile?

Photo: Telstar Logistics

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