Supervisor Campos Breaks Silence, Says He “Wants to Inject Common Sense” Into Coke Mural Controversy

The case of Anonymous NIMBY vs. Vintage Coke Mural has been exasperating for (almost) everyone involved.

It has been exasperating for homeowner Richard Modolo, who has had to deal with the inconvenience and expense of responding to the City’s notice of violation about the old mural. It has been exasperating for the City Planning Department, which has become the object of national scorn and ridicule as a result of its decision to declare the mural illegal. And today Bernalwood learned that it has also been exasperating to Supervisor David Campos.

Indeed, the only one who probably feels empowered by the debacle is our Anonymous NIMBY. One complaint, and — boom! — an all-consuming controversy ensues. Not bad for a lone voice in a city of many tens of thousands.

This evening Supervisor Campos returned a phone call from Bernalwood. The Supervisor did not explain his long silence on this issue, but he reiterated that he has been trying to get a sense of how the neighbors in Bernal Heights feel about the vintage Coke mural.

The results of his fact-finding were clear and directional.

Campos received exactly one (1) email — perhaps from our Anonymous NIMBY? — expressing concern that the presence of the Coca-Cola mural so close to Paul Revere School might encourage childhood obesity. To gauge the depth of this sentiment, Campos says he reached out to a group of parents with children at the school. Were the parents worried the nearby mural might send their little ones careening down a path of sugar-fueled gluttony and lifelong corpulence???

Hardly. “None of the parents had an issue with the sign,” Campos reports.

Campos says he is now “moving in the direction of protecting the sign.” He also said he has been in discussion with the City Attorney’s office, and that he intends to make the details of his plan clear during the Board of Supervisors meeting that will take place tomorrow afternoon, on Tuesday, March 1.

“We need a solution for the city as a whole,” Campos says. “There is value in preserving our history, and that’s true city-wide. Creating a historic preservation district may help in this particular case, but we need a broader mechanism.”

Bernalwood couldn’t agree more. In fact, hasn’t this incident shown that the current law is more than a little ridiculous?

Campos readily agreed. “As a matter of law, I don’t think it makes much sense, given the lack of nuance,” he said. “We want to inject some common sense into this.”

Wouldn’t that be novel! Stay tuned tomorrow, when we will finally learn the details of the Campos Plan to Save Bernal’s Coke Mural.

Photo: via Supervisor Campos

9 thoughts on “Supervisor Campos Breaks Silence, Says He “Wants to Inject Common Sense” Into Coke Mural Controversy

  1. If he follows through, and doesn’t frak this up, I’ll have a bit more respect for the guy following common sense instead of the hybrid of NIMBYism, incompetent city bureaucracy, and the “holier than thou”-ism of Anonymous Complainer and this ongoing idea that a vintage billboard = brainless zombie kids guzzling Coke.

  2. I agree that common sense has prevailed in this case. I am a bit skeptical though of the proposed solution to create “a historic preservation district.” I appreciate and understand the need for historic preservation but I don’t think it can be used as a tool to fight NIMBYism. In fact historic preservation in many cases allows for and promotes more NIMBYism – not less. What we need is a department of common sense.

  3. Great news! I’m as against Coca-Cola (what they stand for and sell) as any San Franciscan (I even stopped buying Odwalla when they sold out to Coke many years ago). But the mural/billboard in question is an important piece of neighborhood memorabilia and link to the past that wasn’t harming anyone. We’re so lucky you guys brought attention to this issue and have potentially saved it from oblivion.

    Score for historic preservation & common sense! Nice work Bernalwood!

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