Party Foul: Bernal Hill Is Not Your *&%$#!!! Garbage Dump!

Bernal Heights has changed a lot during the last 30 years, and mostly for the better. But some knuckle-draggers haven’t gotten the memo. They still think it’s 1972.

This photo was posted recently by Bernal Journal. Some unscrupulous contractor decided to use the parking area at the foot of Bernal Heights Park as a garbage dump. So sickening.

8 thoughts on “Party Foul: Bernal Hill Is Not Your *&%$#!!! Garbage Dump!

  1. If you witness dumping in the Bernal area take the vehicle Lic # and report it to the city as illegal trash for pickup 695-2017 and get the phone # to report the plate. There are fines for dumping in posted NO Dumping areas.

  2. Hubby and I live in The Portola District. We see it here all the time. It’s vulgar and disgusting. We live on the San Bruno raceway and the corner down the street from us seems to be the local dumping point. At least 3 or 4 times a week, you can find a large pile there. ugh!

    BTW, I just discovered your blog. It’s now bookmarked and I’ll add it to our blog list. I’ll be back. We like your area. We now get up and go to Bernal Heights for the sunrise. 🙂

  3. You mean that isn’t the norm for Bernal Hill? Good. I’ve been living in SF for five years now and last Sunday was my first time driving to the top of the hill (to go for a walk on such a great day) and I saw that pile of junk. Some guy in a white cargo van was going through the stuff — although he gave me a suspicious look as if he was the culprit. Later, when I drove by there again on my way back, the van was gone and a bunch of concerned folks were standing there, aghast at the site before them. I think one guy was calling it in as I heard him say something like, “there’s no street address posted, its a park,” in a frustrated voice.

  4. I was biking on Twin Peaks one night, well after dark, and got to the top to enjoy the view. Heard a weird crunching/dropping noise and saw a beat-up pick-up truck shortly after. On my bike down the hill (with headlight) I found a large pile of trash (like pictured above) IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET. Couldn’t track down the truck, but wish I could have.

    Come on, people. Seriously.

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