Bernal’s Beautiful New Street Park Needs Your Help

Thanks to a hearty group of volunteers, Bernal Heights is getting a brand-new street park courtesy of an organization called The Friends of Bernal Gardens. The new mini-park, called Vista Pointe Garden, is located on Bernal Heights Boulevard between Carver and Bradford, on the east side of the hill.  Construction is already well underway, but they need your help to get it done.

Project director Julian Wyler tells Bernalwood:

Public gardens are simply one of the ways we can balance the separateness of our lives with opportunities to connect with community. Moreover, they provide opportunities to replace a pedestrian landscape of disorder and alienation with harmonious spaces that instill neighborhood pride and natural beauty.

Public gardens also provide artful, iconic sanctuaries of momentary beauty and repose.

Doubtless, the scope of Vista Pointe Garden, which looks out upon panoramic views of San Francisco, is somewhat ambitious. It’s success is only possible because so many of our neighbors have contributed their time and energy as partners to our city grant.

Although the part that will impress most will be the beautiful flowers and plants, it‘s the high cost of the retaining wall materials, the new PUC water meter, the installation of the drip irrigation system, the crushed drain rock, base materials, professional supervision, SFPT fiscal management, etc. which make them possible.

While extensive planning and conservative grant budget projections for materials added up to $70,500, our grant only awarded us $61,000, which, even with the support of DPW, donating tools, grading, etc., has now left us a bit short of our goal.

Bottom line: Vista Pointe Garden needs another $7,600 to get the job done. If you would like to donate, please contact Julian at julian_wyler AT yahoo DOT com.

If you’re cash-poor but time-rich, you can also help volunteer to build Vista Pointe Garden. The next volunteer get-together will take place at the park this Saturday, February 12, from 10 am to 4 pm.

Photo: Friends of Bernal Gardens

6 thoughts on “Bernal’s Beautiful New Street Park Needs Your Help

  1. Thanks very much for the post. I have been watching this unfold and was very curious whether this was a private project attached to that new house next door, or what. This looks terrific, and what an amazing location. Re the shortfall, I wonder if a posterboard at the site explaining their need for funds might help.

  2. There is a pvn meeting this saturday morning. Ill mention the need for volunteers and see if we can get a few more people up there.

  3. glad that this is a community park and not a private garden, as i originally thought. With that said, the new house that the new street park encompasses is growing on me.

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