A Design Workshop to Untangle the Cesar Chavez “Hairball”

Not a moment too soon, work is set to begin on the Cesar Chavez Street redevelopment plan — a heavy-duty urban infrastructure project that will transform the western leg of the former Army Street from a grim quasi-freeway into a tree-lined boulevard that will be both more attractive and more bike- and pedestrian-friendly.

But the fate of the eastern portion of Cesar Chavez — from Hampshire street in the northeast corner of Bernalwood to Illinois Street on the waterfront — remains unresolved. To improve that part, the City Planning Department will hold a series of workshops to help design a plan for that stretch of the street, including the infamously treacherous tangle of US101 onramps known as “The Hairball.”

US 101 at Cesar Chavez and Potrero, San Francisco

The first workshop will take place next Thursday, February 10, 2011, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the auditorium at Buena Vista Elementary School (2641 25th Street @ Utah, near the Hairball).

The City says:

Please join us to discuss the future of Cesar Chavez Street from Hampshire Street to Illinois Street, including the 101 and I-280 interchanges. The plan will re-imagine Cesar Chavez Easy as a vital connector of the Mission, Bayview, Potrero, Bernal, and Dogpatch neighborhoods, more safe, pleasant, and convenient for people who live in, work in or travel through the area, and more responsive to ecological and cultural opportunities.

Of course, all that is kumbayaspeak for “let’s figure out a way to make it not suck so much.” But it is a goal I’m sure we can all endorse. I attended some similar meetings that took place to develop the plan for Cesar Chavez west, and they were substantive, well-organized, and generally excellent. I trust this one will be the same.

Photo: Below, therealkarumi

4 thoughts on “A Design Workshop to Untangle the Cesar Chavez “Hairball”

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  2. let’s hope this is somehow coordinated with the other departments at City Hall. I was thrilled when our skate park opened giving kids of all ages a great place to play and skate (and smoke pot behind the bandshel). and then……DHS opened a needle exchange site on the border of the park. Clean needles are important, but please let’s give them some space from the sippy cups and teens on wheels.

  3. Much appreciate this post. We struggle with walking around the Northeastern slope of Bernal. We live on the North, and our daughter attends The San Francisco School. Close, but no way to walk without adding a mile out of the way.

    I’m glad to have found you! I also run a dog walking service for little breeds on Bernal–on leash. Dynamutts has a blog that links to Bernalwood!


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