Missing Person: A Woman’s Father is Homeless, and He Has Been Sighted in Bernal Heights

Have you seen this man?

Last week the SFWeekly ran an article about Kelli Christensen, a woman who is searching for her father. Her dad, Marty Christensen (shown above), is homeless and has been out of contact for decades. Now an anonymous tipster wrote to Bernalwood to suggest that the missing man may have taken shelter around Bernal Heights:

I live in South Bernal Heights and recently connected two things together.  Mainly, my dog’s favorite stranger is a man we know as Marty that we regularly see in the neighborhood and interact with.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw his name in the SFWeekly.com and several photos of him.  Evidently, he is homeless and his daughter is still looking for him.

I have seen him many times in the past two months near the Alemany Farmer’s Market and Bayshore Smart and Final.  I am sure many people in Bernal Heights will recognize him right away as a friendly guy that says hello.  He is always looking dapper and hardly fits the description of a homeless man with a drinking problem like it says in the article.  For this reason, this charming man named Marty Christensen may be hiding in plain sight!

If you could, please have neighbors help find him, and, if they do, have him call his daughter.  I texted her on January 20th, 2011 to tell her the news, and she asked me to reach out to locals in South Bernal Heights.  She will be back in February to follow up in the neighborhood.

Kelli Christensen’s telephone number was published at the SFWeekly as (559) 312-7264.

Photo: SFWeekly

One thought on “Missing Person: A Woman’s Father is Homeless, and He Has Been Sighted in Bernal Heights

  1. I am pretty sure I have seen Marty in Berkeley. He is usually by the Mac Donalds just off of University Avenue.

    Good Luck and please let me know if I was right and you have reconnected.

    Derek Leong


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