Why Bernal Heights Bees Make Honey That’s More Sweet

According to Alexandra Danieli, Bernal Heights is more pure, more beautiful, and more wholesome than other places. Our higher quality inputs yield higher quality output — in this case, better honey.

Danieli doesn’t put it quite that way, but Bernalwood is quite confident that’s what she meant:

Perhaps motivated by a drive to prop up the bee populations decimated by colony collapse disorder, beekeeping has become popular in cities worldwide. We visit one San Francisco beekeeper who keeps her hive in a Bernal Heights backyard where she escapes once a week to check on her colony. For Alexandra Danieli, beekeeping is part meditation and part fascination with a magical world of GPS, honing pheromones and group intelligence.

3 thoughts on “Why Bernal Heights Bees Make Honey That’s More Sweet

  1. Any ideas where I can purchase honey made in Bernal? I have serious allergies and I’ve been told that a teaspoon of local honey every day might help.

  2. Yum! I’ve been enjoying Glen Park honey for a while and it’s divine. (And temporarily while I’m away, local Guam honey from banana and mango flowers.) But I wouldn’t be against a taste test/honey smackdown!

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