Italian Meatball Lunch at Immaculate Conception Church

Italian meatballs4

A confession: When I read about this event, I immediately experienced a powerful Pavlovian Response.

If you’re around the ‘hood tomorrow at noon, you might want to stop by the St. Anthony’s Immaculate Conception Church for a benefit lunch:

Jan. 19, Noon: The popular third Wednesday Italian lunch at the Immaculate Conception Church in the Church Hall at 3255 Folsom St., up the hill from Cesar Chavez and Precita Ave. Come on up to Bernal Heights for the city’s best pasta and meatballs! $8 per person, family style, includes salad. Beverages are available for purchase.

Now, my understanding is that this is a longstanding gig at Immaculate Conception — the Italian lunch has been taking place on the third Wednesday of the month for many, many moons. Yet I must also confess to some befuddlement as to why this salivation-inducing benefit is held at noon on a Wednesday… instead of, say, during the evening, when hungry workingfolk in the neighborhood might realistically hope to attend. And when I say “workingfolk,” I mean… me.

Photo: blogchefdotnet

7 thoughts on “Italian Meatball Lunch at Immaculate Conception Church

  1. Just an idea about why it is at noon: that’s when the people who do the cooking and serving and cleaning up are able to do it. An evening meal can keep older people out later than they would like if they have to stay around and clean up after everyone is served.

  2. My roommate and I ventured up there to try the Italian Lunch at around 12:20, but we couldn’t find out how to get inside! We walked all around the complex and the place seemed mostly deserted and locked up. We could definitely smell the meatballs cooking though. My roomie is vegetarian so his resolve was low; we gave up and went to Jasmine instead.

    I’m going to try again next month; maybe then I’ll get past the front door. Any tips?

    • That’s bizarre! I suppose try calling ahead for directions? The church is (415) 824-1762. Please report back if you do try it… I’m dying to get a first-hand report!

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