Help Wanted: Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center Needs a New Executive Director

bernal heights neighborhood center

They’re on the hunt to find a new ED at BHNC.

Even if you don’t plan to apply, the job description provides an interesting peek inside the organization:

Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center (“BHNC”) is a membership-based nonprofit organization founded in 1978. BHNC works to preserve and enhance the ethnic, cultural, and economic diversity of Bernal Heights and surrounding neighborhoods. It promotes community action to build a just and equitable community for all. BHNC focuses on the needs of people with low and moderate incomes. The organization works to accomplish its mission by developing affordable housing throughout San Francisco; providing linguistically and culturally responsive services to the community’s most vulnerable adults, seniors, youth, and their families, and developing leaders; organizing and empowering our tenants, clients, members, and allies to advocate for their needs and for the needs of the community.

BNHC’s annual operating budget is approximately $2.5 million, and its affiliated housing corporations have an aggregate operating budget of $5 million, in addition to the BHNC operating budget. The organizations have combined assets of approximately $48 million, and operating reserves of approximately $460,000. Funding for BHNC comes from a variety of sources including approximately:

  • 35% from government sources;
  • 30% from foundations and corporations;
  • 4% from membership and individuals;
  • 4% from special events; and
  • 27% from earned income and other sources, including a significant amount of in-kind contributions, primarily from volunteer hours.

Photo: Dennis Yang

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