Go Team! Vote for Bernal Heights vs. The Lower Haight in the Curbed Cup Final Four

Bernalwood Cheerleaders

After two rounds of digital combat, Bernal Heights has made an impressively strong showing in the 2010 Curbed Cup, an online competition in which the CurbedSF blog pits neighborhoods against one another to claim bragging rights and possession of a pixel-based trophy. Now, wouldn’t this look lovely perched on our virtual bookshelf? (At least we won’t have to fight over who gets to keep it.)
To recap the competition thus far: Bernal Heights was initially ranked as the 11th seed in the Curbed Cup competition. Oh, how they underestimated us. To the great surprise of the pundits and wags, Bernal surged ahead to defeat the swanks of Nob Hill in the first elimination round. Then, in round two, we squeaked past the dotcommers of SoMa to eke out a narrow victory that catapulted Bernal into the Final Four.

Our next challenge will take place tomorrow — on Tuesday, December 27, 2010 — when Bernal will go head-to-head against The Lower Haight.

Obviously, any Bernal resident could go on and on about the aesthetic and moral reasons why we deserve to vanquish the Haight. But frankly, none of that matters. What matters is votes, and specifically, YOUR vote (and the votes of your loved ones, children, distant relatives, Facebook fwiendz, Twitter minions, work colleagues, pets, or anyone else with a unique IP address).  In other words, the Curbed Cup plays well to another of Bernal’s historic strengths: our indomitable spirit of can-do activism.

So you know what to do: Tomorrow, visit CurbedSF and place your vote for good ol’ Bernal Heights. Then tell lots of other people to do the same (and tell them to do the same). Let’s defeat those rascals from the Lower Haight to make it into the finals. Mark your calendars. Monitor your social-networking feeds. Vote early and vote often, and LET’S DO THIS THING. Onward!  To glory!

3 thoughts on “Go Team! Vote for Bernal Heights vs. The Lower Haight in the Curbed Cup Final Four

  1. We in Bernal don’t care that much about such BS. We know what we have. And we’re happy that Bernal Heights isn’t a section in the Lonely Plany city guide.
    Unless, of course, you’re playing the real estate game …

    • Yes, I thought the same as well… which is why I didn’t mention this until now, when we made the Final Four. But apparently, we do care about it enough to have gotten us this far.

      But yes, Bernal is definitely not the kind of ‘hood to care too much about these kinds of things. Or cheeleaders, for that matter. Unless such lists are explicitly about being glamorous and sexy, in which case we care a lot. 😉

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