Space Aliens Visit Precita Avenue and Donate a Christmas Tree

UFO XmasDid anyone notice a spaceship hovering over Precita Avenue, just west of Folsom? (There’s been no mention of it among the excitable crowd at bernalsafe.) And if so, did you happen to see it beam a Christmas tree into this apartment?

The residents of this place have displayed their trippy blacklit Close Encounters of the Christmas Kind tree for the last several years, and it gets a little bit better every year.

To fully appreciate it, however, you really must see it in motion. So here’s a sidewalk video of the 2010 Edition, for your extraterrestrial enjoyment:

3 thoughts on “Space Aliens Visit Precita Avenue and Donate a Christmas Tree

  1. There’s been a great tree in the window up a floor or so on the NE corner of Precita & Florida. The tree is silver and the owner has one of those old fashioned disk light projector thingies that changes the colors that are projected every couple of seconds.

    I love the holidays.

  2. Other-worldly for sure. I could not agree more. Shouldn’t it be tested for emissions?

    (It’s a really nice looking tree too!)

  3. See? This is the reason i no longer decorate. You all do such a good job of it for me. Then I just go along and enjoy. Thank you so much for sharing. Merry Christmas.

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