Holiday Gift Ideas from Our Neighborhood Weedmonger

The Bernal Heights Collective is a dispensary that operates from a storefront on 29th Street, just west of Mission. Given the location, it should properly be called the La Lengua Collective, but we’ll let that that drop for now.

Harder to ignore are the vivid photos of the merchandise BHC posts on its website. Prop 19 might have failed at the polls, but the BHC website is a fascinating document, and a salient reminder that we live in interesting times.

Yet not only does the Bernal Heights Collective publish eye-popping online galleries of their product inventory, but if you’re on the hunt for stocking stuffers that will be a big hit (no pun intended) with the family back home in Oklahoma, consider picking up a few of BHC’s wholesome-looking knit hats, aka “Bernal Beanies.”

Or perhaps a sporty t-shirt that’s perfect for playing a few sets of tennis at the club?

All this, and more, from our eponymous weedmonger. They’ve got souvenirs of San Francisco your kinfolk will cherish for generations!

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