House Portrait: Jarboe & Ellsworth

301 Jarboe

As seen on the south slope early one morning around 8:30am.

On overcast mornings such as this, the dramatic blue and subtle orange-yellow color palette practically make this house pop off the block.

I’ve yet to meet the new owners. (It sold recently.) The stacked architecture leads me to believe this was at one time a garage, barn, or storage structure. If you know more, do tell in the comments.

9 thoughts on “House Portrait: Jarboe & Ellsworth

      • Remember when I was telling you about our new house? Well you got it! That is the back cottage to our new home, the rest of the house is on the Ellsworth corner.

        We would love to share more pictures after we move in Jan 1.

  1. Holy crap — that’s our new place! My family just bought the adjoining gray house on the corner of Ellsworth and Jarboe (along with the cozy orange cottage). We’re honored to see it here as one of your lovely portraits. Re: the architecture, the first story *is* a garage, but we imagine it could also easily be a living space. Thanks for featuring the house!

  2. I took some photos of the inside when there was an open house, and I’m not convinced it isn’t a converted earthquake shack, although I didn’t take the measurements. I’ll do some research and see what I can find out. And welcome to SoCo (South of Cortland)!

  3. This is the cottage Larry lived in for years when Karlin owned the property. The shed next to it with the No Parking sign held the white caddy that belonged to the patriarch of Bernal’s first family: Mel Annuzzi. He would take the caddy out for a spin twice a year. The last time I saw it was maybe ten years ago as some teenagers were joy-riding in it down Cortland. End of an era but Bernal is immortalized in concrete all over San Franciso as “Annuzzi Bros”.
    The address sign barely visable in the picture was made in the Muni sheet metal shop on a routinely slow day at Muni.
    You don’t want to live in this cottage. I was visiting Larry one night when Victory Outreach was reaching for heaven via bass amps in the old theater on Cortland. The pictures on the wall were literally bouncing with the noise.

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