3 thoughts on “Hooray, We Still Have a Video Store and Bookseller on Cortland

  1. I’m so happy to hear that both of these establishments are thriving here on Bernal. As much as I love the internet, I feel it’s important to maintain personal connections in retail transactions as well. Plus, the folks at 4 Star and Red Hill are great–I support them whenever I can. Thanks to them all for all they do for the neighborhood!

  2. I stopped in to Red Hill one time and stumbled upon a great bluegrass concert! And scored a discounted book about oysters. They’ve got great kids’ books, too. One of my faves, along with Bird and Becket in Glen Park and Alexander in the FiDi. (RIP Stacey’s.)

    I’ve been to 4 Star a few times, mostly tipsy for some reason, and found a great selection, super nice staff and candy, whoohoo!

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