Bernalwood Goes for a Holiday Stroll on Cortland

Holiday Stroll

Holiday Stroll

Holiday Stroll

So we strolled.

Last night the Bernalwood Glam Squad did a promenade up and down Cortland Avenue for the first evar Holiday Stroll. Cortland’s merchants and proprietors opened their doors, poured grog, offered yummy treats, and chatted readily. Neighbors showed up, and they strolled too, giving Bernalwood’s main drag a bustling Main Street buzz. Lovely.

Hope this happens again next year.

Images: Telstar Logistics

10 thoughts on “Bernalwood Goes for a Holiday Stroll on Cortland

  1. What a wonderful event! We got to explore stores we’d never ventured into before, and meet so many wonderful neighbors and merchants. I definitely hope they do it again next year, it would be a wonderful holiday tradition. Reminded me what a special neighborhood Bernal is.

  2. Not only was that a lot of fun, I got a shot of brandy at Heartfelt when they ran out of cider to go with it, which I thought was awfully considerate. And not only THAT, but I got to meet The Bernalwood Guys. A successful stroll, to say the least.

  3. It was great meeting you all outside of fitBernalfit. The Bernal Business Alliance will most definitely put this on again next year, we had a lot of enthusiasm while planning it.

    Thanks for the documentation and fun blog! We love Bernal!

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