Your December Real Estate Report for Bernalwood

Danielle Lazier recently started following Bernalwood over on the Twitter.

Danielle is a realtor with Zephyr Real Estate, and the author of SFHotlist, so I sent her a note to get the inside skinny on residential sales trends in our sexy and glamorous neighborhood. Here’s what she said:

Quick stats from Bernal Heights housing market over past 90 days:

Quick stats from Bernal Heights housing market over past 90 days:
•    40 homes listings currently for sale
•    26 homes in escrow or pending sale
•    30 homes have sold (past 3 months)
•    Most expensive home sold = $1,370,000
•    Least expensive home sold = $375,000 (Um, that’s a $995,000 spread!)
•    Median home price = $807,000
•    Average days on market (how long it takes to sell a home) = 50 days
•    Average sales price / list price = 100.87%

The Bernal Heights real estate market is all over the map, quite literally! As you know, it’s a pretty big MLS district, ranging from Cesar Chavez to Alemany Ave on the North/South sides to San Jose Ave & 101 on the East/West. As such, the real estate (and the real estate market) is quite varied. Basically, it all comes down to pricing….if a listing is “priced to sell” it will, in fact, sell! For example, right now, there are 40 single family homes for sale and over the past 3 months, 30 listings have sold. Some houses sold super-fast, as in 7 days, but the average time it took to sell a house in Bernal was 50 days. Some listings went for as much as 8% over the asking price, and some for 14% under the list price (Note to sellers: don’t overprice!) but on average homes sold for right around list price.

What matters most? Location, location, location. Homes in the most coveted parts of Bernal, i.e. just off Cortland Ave or north slope, command the most money AND sell the quickest. Of course, the property’s condition matters too. Price and prep the house correctly and it will sell… in San Francisco, and definitely in Bernal Heights, selling for top dollar entails staging the home and pricing it just under perceived market value to draw a crowd.

Given national trends, this is pretty encouraging stuff for homeowners, and wannabe Bernal buyers alike. Bernalwood. So hot right now. Bernalwood.

SPECIAL NOTE TO PRICKLY LA LENGUANS: Danielle Lazier’s views on the Bernal Heights MLS are strictly her own, and do not reflect the opinions of the Overlords of Bernalwood, nor do they represent a change in Bernalwood’s munificent support for the La Lengua Autonomous Zone. Carry on.

IMAGE: Bernalwood West, as seen from the roof of St. Luke’s Hospital. By Don Franco.

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