Listen: A New Song Called “Bernal Heights”

It’s been a very big week for Bernal Heights appreciation.

First, we launched Bernalwood. Then, San Francisco artist Jhameel unveiled a new album, and — wouldn’t you know it — the lead track is called “Bernal Heights.”

To be sure, “Bernal Heights” is no Sesame Street-style sing-along. In fact, as as near as I can tell, Jhameel never actually says the words “Bernal Heights.” (CORRECTION: In the comments, BernalDweller points out “The Heights of Bernal” get a shout-out at around 1:10.) Like Bernal Hill itself, the song is energetic and atmospheric, and I really like it. Give it a listen:

Jhameel’s brand-new album, “The Human Condition,” is available for free download here.

IMAGE: Bernal Heights (left) by Telstar Logistics vs. Jhameel (right).

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