18 thoughts on “We Are Live, People

  1. Give me the goss! Will FourStar be choked out by the succulents shop? Has Liberty Bakery happily resigned itself to being the low-brow bakery with Costco croisants, now that Sandbox is working it’s magic? Tell me more Bernalwood!

  2. I love the idea of your bernal blog. I just don’t like the name. It’s lame, it’s pretending to be somewhere else.

    It’s not terribly original. Can’t you do better?

  3. No, we can’t.

    Do you *really* think we wish this was Hollywood???

    Besides, there’s a good backstory about the name, which we will share soon. With everyone. Except you.

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  5. Has anyone seen the dumping that has been going on at the top of Bernal hill?
    It sickens me to see gigantic refuse dumps in the parking area.It was there at 7:30 when I drove past. I came back at 9:00 to film the scene. Around 5:30 while driving home I noticed a couple of city trucks AND a Park police car. This is the second time in a month that a truck simply backed up and offloaded their garbage. It looked a lot like a teardown of a house. Those are permitted by the city and if someone were to check out the permits issued recently our dumper might be found and prosecuted.

    check out this short video

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