Thursday: Bernal Filmmaker to Have Glamorous SF Premiere for New Documentary


Neighbor Samantha Grant feels like she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months, because she’s hardly been in the neighborhood for the past 10 months. Instead, she’s been busy jetting from film fest to film fest with her new documentary, A Fragile Trust. Luckily, now we can enjoy the fruits of her labor much closer to home, at the film’s San Francisco premiere this Thursday, April 17 at the Roxie Theater.

A Fragile Trust chronicles the infamous Jayson Blair scandal at the New York Times. (Remember that? New York Times! Plagiarism! Fabrication of facts!) Grant describes it as “a character-driven narrative” about “power, ethics, representation, race, and accountability in the mainstream media.” Stay home if you’re looking for fluff, because this one promises to be thought-provoking:

If you can’t make it to the Roxie, never fear: A Fragile Trust also screens at the Rafael Film Center on Wednesday, April 23 (tickets here), and it airs nationally on PBS on May 5.

Also on the theme of ethics in journalism (and also on May 5), Neighbor Samantha and team are launching a browser-based, iPad-friendly game called Decisions on Deadline, in which players navigate “the complex and shifting world of journalism ethics as they collect facts and information to report a story.” While aimed at journalists and journalism educators, the game’s goal is “to get regular people interested in these issues,” she says.

Because after all, everyone’s a journalist these days.

Fashionable Bernal Heights Mini-Citizens Shake Their Groove Things at Gala Community Celebration


It was quite the happening scene at the Bernal Rec Center on Saturday. The Junior Citizens of Bernalwood jumped, splashed, goat- and chicken-petted, munched, and rocked out as the Bernal Library’s new Cortland- and Moultrie-facing murals sparkled in the sun.

Among the musical guests were Jonathan Bayer, who duly kicked out the jams for kids and parents alike (despite an initial lack of amplification). For those who missed it, here’s a snippet of Bayer’s original “I Rhyme,” performed with Ben Chinn.

See if you can guess all the clever words you would have heard if only my phone hadn’t run out of space three seconds before the end of the song: