Ellsworth Neighbors Frustrated by Overgrown, City-Owned Land Near Bernal Hill



Neighbor Leslie is frustrated by the neglect of a small parcel of City-owned land on Ellsworth near the summit of Bernal Hill:

The residents on Ellsworth st near the hill have been getting nowhere with the City on maintaining a green space at Ellsworth and Bernal Heights Blvd.

The lot is full of debris and so overgrown that you can’t walk on the sidewalk. For years, a woman who lived next to the lot maintained it herself(!) by hiring people to landscape it.

She passed away or was put in a nursing home years ago… I’ve lived here for five years and no one has touched it.

Since September, I have contacted the city about the lot on a regular basis (first 311 and then DPW). No one has gotten back to me. Since November, I and other neighbors have been talking to Supervisor Campos’ office. Nothing still.

That corner is a gateway to our neighborhood. Instead of being a greenspace, it harbors rats and countless used condoms (we get a lot of prostitutes and johns at night along the hill) and other waste.

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Bernal Neighbor Installs Sutro Tower Garden Sculpture, Adorns It With Seasonal Cheer


After months of patient design and fabrication, Neighbor Orlando has finally installed his iron model of Sutro Tower in front of his Folsom Street home.

Fabricated by artist Mario Cro, Neighbor Orlando’s Sutro Tower stands around 5′ tall — versus 977′ for that other one on Twin Peaks — and he intends to use it as a permanent piece of garden sculpture. He tells Bernalwood:

In the end, this was well worth the wait. Good things take time, you know? This was one of them.

The names of the heads of households of the prior two generations of my family members have been stamped on the piece itself. The original motivation for the project was to have something permanent placed at the forefront of the home, remembering and commemorating those who came before me who were ultimately responsible for giving me the opportunity to be raised in this warm and beautiful neighborhood. Their names are located on the bottom truss. with space left for my name just directly below.

Impressive. Also, to give the piece some seasonal flair, Neighbor Orlando has decorated his Sutro Tower and surrounding garden in a Christmas theme.

Here are a few more photos of Neighbor Orlando’s awesome iron model of Sutro Tower, shown during it’s Holiday 2014 debut. Someday you can tell your grandkids you saw it when it was new:



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Sunday: Repair the World with JCCSF at Alemany Farm


Tikkun Haolam is a Hebrew phrase that means “repair of the world.”

In modern Judaism, it often refers to the ideals  of philanthropy, social service, and community outreach. The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco has a very active Tikkun program, and this Sunday, Oct. 5 they’re organizing a volunteer work effort at the fabulous Alemany Farm in South Bernal.

Sarah Stickel from JCCSF shares the deets:

Hi Bernalwood Neighbors,

Want to do some good for your ‘hood this weekend?

Your fans and friends at JCCSF are coming to YOU this Sunday, 10/5 at Alemany Farm! We welcome everyone to join us on the farm from Noon – 5:00 pm while we lend a hand and help out a local treasure and urban farm that provides tons of free, local, organic produce to local low-income families and beyond. Come get your hands dirty, invite your friends, and take home your own free produce!

For information and to RSVP, visit our website and join us on the farm this Sunday!

Many thanks and best wishes to all you Bernalwood beauties.

PHOTO: Alemany Farm via Alemany Farm on Flickr