Woman Injured After Hit and Run on Bernal Heights Blvd.

Video footage shows a Jeep Liberty veering off the road and striking a woman on Bernal Heights Boulevard.

A pedestrian was injured on the northeast side of Bernal Hill at 8:20 this morning, after she was hit by a car traveling east on Bernal Heights Boulevard. The driver of the car left the scene without stopping.

A Bernal neighbor tells Bernalwood:

There was a hit & run on Bernal Heights Blvd this morning.

I hope that another Bernal neighbor may recognize the vehicle? If someone does, they should contact the Ingleside Police station: 415-404-4000. (That’s the front desk so they should ask to speak with an investigator and say it’s about a hit & run in Bernal Heights this morning.)

Here is video footage of the hit and run. The incident occurs at the 27 second mark:

Another neighbor who was also at the scene provides an update on the victim:

She was conscious but mostly non-responsive. What I overheard the medics saying suggests she has back and leg injury, but could still move her legs.

Video footage shows the vehicle that struck the woman was a dark-colored Jeep Liberty Sport  from the 2005 to 2007 model years.

The video footage also shows that the vehicle was traveling east before swerving well off the pavement on the opposite side of the road to hit the woman, who was walking along the path on the north side.


51 thoughts on “Woman Injured After Hit and Run on Bernal Heights Blvd.

  1. bless her. hope they get that person. i can’t imagine a hit and run. how can someone do that.
    also when I read the headline I knew exactly where it happened. that spot IS DANGEROUS. SO HARD TO SEE.

    • If a raised sidewalk bordering a straight, flat road in bright sunshine is DANGEROUS and HARD TO SEE, I beg that you turn in your driver’s license.

      That driver crossed over the divider and ran up on the sidewalk to hit the pedestrian. Visibility was not an issue.

    • Unfortunately you ‘knew’ wrong. Watch the video. The accident did not happen on the intersection it happened on the straight and the pedestrian seemed to be on a sidewalk.

      I do agree that the intersection is dangerous too, but I don’t think anybody is going to die there as long as people stop into the stop signs. It was much more dangerous before the stop signs.

      • OFF TOPIC (of the crime committed)
        Just venting here: The intersection was never “dangerous” until people started assuming they had the innate PRIVILEGED right of way, pedestrian and driver alike. When I moved here 40 years ago, people even respected the Hill and did NOT carve out “pathways of convenience” (which have caused significant erosion). Not to mention hazards, like those two “trails” that end at blind spots on the road.

  2. This is horrible!! I am so sorry for the inured woman. That’s just not right! Any information on who she is… a Bernal neighbor? So thankful for the video that will help identify the driver.

  3. I saw this poor lady face down in the grass on the side of the path – both shoes had been knocked off her feet! I though she was on a bicycle and perhaps fallen off hitting the curb or something as there was a bike on the side of the path where people were gathered assisting her – I hope they catch the bastard who did this!! What a Scumbag

  4. I can’t believe this. Horrifying. He just plowed into her. The detail about her being knocked out of her shoes, and the video of how fast he was going and didn’t even slow down. I walk there with my toddler all the time. This morning, I stopped and talked to the cops who were all over the scene. They said this happens ALL THE TIME. I think we should pressure the city into putting more speed bumps in there, if this indeed happening all the time. Also, the cops recommend walking or running the other way, so you can see the drivers who might have sun in their eyes as they speed out of their lane towards you.

  5. That intersection has been a problem for as long as I’ve lived here. Hikers come down the east end of the hill through an unimproved gully and they can’t see drivers coming from the left. Recently they installed stop signs which was an improvement. My notion has always been to stop using that gully as a quick way off the hill and have hikers come off the hill from the east quarry on the south side. As far as I’m concerned the gully exit has always been an accident waiting to happen.

    • Jerry — the car appears to be on the wrong side of the road and the woman walking along the sidewalk at the time of the accident.

  6. this is crazy its not at the intersection somebody literally just drove up the curb on the walkway. This should never happen they were fully up on the curb. Nuts.

  7. It is not an especially dangerous spot and speed bumps are not needed, nor would they have helped. This POS trailer trash driver intentionally dove to the opposite side of the street to hit her. I don’t believe he was drunk as he slowed at the stop sign and didn’t just blow through it. Be on the lookout for that Jeep!

  8. The person either feel asleep or was texting and driving. I hope the victim is ok. Her life just changed in an instant and it was no fault of her own! Sad for my old neighborhood!

    • I am sad for all the people that lobbied to keep the bus on Ripley street. Because of that bus, speed bumps on bernal heights blvd were blocked…

  9. Guys? I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this car is on the wrong side of the road and up on the sidewalk!!! This is not about an intersection, and I do agree that this one sucks — but…

    And, speaking of intersections, has anyone tried the crosswalk S to N across Cesar Chavez @ Mission lately? Everyone now has to go right, but there is NO WARNING for drivers that they’re rounding a corner into a crosswalk. This is a death trap waiting to happen. What happened in Bernal is a driver ready to be taken off the road…

  10. I just want to point out that many neighbors have tried to get speed bumps installed, BUT it has been unsuccessful because of the “beloved” bus! Also, the stop sign was successfully lobbied and put in by the “Coyote Whisperer”… Neighbors – we need to get our priorities straight! If we aren’t able to get speed bumps and stop signs installed because of a bus that almost mows down children and families daily, BUT a coyote obsessed women (bless her heart btw) can get a stop sign installed to save a wild coyotes life…. we might as well just give everyone walking the hill a gun to protect themselves.

    • Can you give me more back story on the speed bumps? What does the bus being on Ripley have to do with speed bumps on the top of the boulevard near where the woman was hit and so many people and families walk? I’ve lived nearby for 5 years and don’t know the story, but would love to pressure the city for some “traffic calming” there.

  11. there was road excavation at that spot on BH Blvd recently resulting in a large pavement patch. Perhaps this had something to do with the driver swirving. Very unfortunate none the less.

  12. It looks like a woman driving I hope she turns herself in or gets caught. I drive by there every day to drop my children off at school people need to stop driving so fast nothing is worth it if you hurt someone trying to hurry somewhere.

    • After viewing the video I have to agree with “J” of the possibility that this was intentional.
      “The driver made no attempt to stop or even slow down”

  13. I am confused- the video shows a light grey car, then a black jeep. Can someone post a map showing exactly where this happened? I walk there daily. Many cars exceed 25 mph limit, & some don’t stop at stop sign or crosswalks. I fantasize about a drone, automatically issuing tickets to all speeding cars.

    • It’s the dark jeep on that straight before it comes to the intersection. You can see the jeep driving to the wrong side of the road and to the sidewalk and then violently colliding with a woman who flies into the bushes like a rag doll. It is a strange thing to say, but to me this looks intentional. Perhaps they got into an argument earlier. No stop sign, crosswalk or speed bump would have helped here, I believe.

      • I agree. It looks totally intentional. Do we know who the victim is yet or how she is doing?!

    • You can actually barely see the hit at 27 seconds – but you can hear it! Then rewatch – very intentional crossing into to other lane and then up on sidewalk to hit her and swerving back into correct lane at intersection.

  14. The silver SUV at 0:27 seconds that turns left before the blue/green Jeep turns right onto the same road HAS TO be a witness. They had to see this. Wonder if they got a license plate or any other identifying info? Can anyone ID that “witness” SUV? I agree that the hit-n-run driver appears to be a woman.

    (I am not a California resident nor familiar with this area.)

    • Hmm, not necessarily. Its difficult to tell from this video, but when you are at the stop sign where that grey suv is, there are plants that block the view and the road is curved, the only way they would have seen it is if they were looking right in that exact moment and the view was not blocked by plants. Its possible, but isnt for sure. The womans body was completely obscured from view from that direction once she was on the ground.

      (I drive through this intersection multiple times a day and was 4th person on the scene, likely first car to drive through behind the jeep, but they were far enough ahead of me that i didnt see the jeep at all.)

  15. This is horrifying – especially since it seems totally intentional.
    Is there any way to enhance this video? It seems so clear, just not quite enough to capture the license plate.

    Any update on the condition of the victim?

    • Almost certainly not intentional, just texting while driving, and drove up onto the sidewalk. The part that makes it seem intentional to us external observers is the fact that she panics and drives away after hitting the pedestrian instaead of stopping to help.

  16. Does anyone have an update on how this lady is doing or know if she has support, is her job secure while recovering, etc.?

  17. The Jeep is not dark-colored. As it comes around the curve and into the sun you can see that it is almost a turquoise blue. Hope they find it!

  18. this is really terrible. it looks intentional or like someone was driving way too fast and way too distracted.

    looks like a dark green jeep.

    does anyone else have a camera on the hill, before or after this spot? if someone lives right there, you might want to canvas your neighbors because sometimes sfpd does not look for footage.

  19. I bike around SF a lot and I have an extreme penchant for recognizing vehicles. I’m positive I’ve seen this car before I need some time to reflect on where and I will do my best to track it down. That color is pretty distinct for that model. I will definitely keep an eye out.

    Also the direction that they proceed to go up only has one possible path down the hill on Ellsworth so if anyone lives between Ellsworth and BH Boulevard and Ellsworth and Cortland it would be helpful if you could check your cameras recording from that time and date if it’s still saved (not sure how Nest works)

  20. ANY updates on the victim? Is she a Bernal resident?
    I have walked by the area where this supposedly occured. There have not been any police strips or marks indicating an investigation. Was there any SFPD involvement??

  21. This accident or crime may not get solved by SFPD unless someone can ID the plate. I think we should organize as a community to start a petition for DPW to expand that stretch of sidewalk, maybe remove the guard rail so there’s more room for sidewalk then add boulders from where the boulders currently end and have them continue to tthe stop sign. This would protect that entire stretch. Anyone want to write and post a petition? Doesn’t have to be too technical, then DPW can tell us what’s doable, and the number of signatures will show support.

  22. Grr. No new info on this? I’ve been looking for this Jeep Liberty daily on my Bernal bike commute. The Jeep had to have come down towards Cortland minutes after this incident. I hope someone has a web cam that they can review. Hitting someone from behind in daylight while on a sidewalk!? Unbelievable. The victim is really messed up from what the earlier reports indicate. Anyone with a web cam on the south side of Bernal should be reviewing footage for this Jeep Liberty to get the license plate.

  23. Please!…why can’t we get an update on the victim’s condition and/or the status of the police investigation, if any…how can this continue to be so blithely ignored by the Chronicle?

    • I’ve heard from a reliable source that the victim is recovering from her injuries and has been discharged from the hospital.

      No arrests yet.

      • Thank you very much for the updare, Todd…appreciate you taking the time…I have been stunned by the lack of local coverage of this incident…I walk that route almost every day & bI still get the heebie-jeebies when I pass that spot…

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