Bernal Neighbor Captures San Francisco in Stunning Timelapse Video

A view from Bernal Hill, as seen in Infinite City

After a week like this, now is a good time to view the world from a different perspective.

Thankfully, Neighbor Jesse has come through for all of us. Neighbor Jesse is a videographer who lives on Prospect, and he just produced an stunningly gorgeous timelapse video called Infinite City that highlights some of the more impressive views in our city of impressive views — including several scenes shot from Bernal Hill.

Neighbor Jesse tells Bernalwood:

For the last year and a half I’ve been obsessively shooting timelapses in San Francisco. After much hard work, I finally have something to show for it!

I got interested in timelapses around the beginning of 2016. Living in Bernal, I have the perfect place to practice. All of the shots in this video are day-night transitions, so for the most part each shot requires about a three hour wait. Standing in one place for a long time is actually part of the fun, you really get to know a neighborhood — or at least an intersection.

One of the things that got me hooked on timelapse is that it’s a great combination of photo and video. You have to worry about all the things you would for a normal landscape photo, but also have to take into account weather, foot traffic, where the moon will rise. It’s also great that I can’t see the result right away. The raw images take at least a few hours of work to get into a final video, and even then it needs to be converted one more time before it’s viewable.

After shooting a little over a hundred of these things, I started to try to fashion them into a single ‘best of’ video, but wasn’t quite satisfied with the results. . For the last month or so I’ve been looking at my video segments one at a time, and trying to bring out some aspect/shape of the video. Some are more successful than others, but overall I’m pretty happy with it.

Some stats on the video. Overall about 30hrs are represented here, in under 4min. All the source videos are 8k. In total so far I’ve shot over 50,000 images doing timeapeses, creating a little under 2tb of data.

Behold Neighbor Jesse’s fabulous video; Headphones and a big screen are highly recommended. Enjoy:

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  1. Absoultely STUNNING!! WOW, Jesse, leaves me just speachless. You should be very proud of this piece of Art! Thank you for sharing with us!

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