Epic Rains Trigger Mini-Mudslide on Bernal Hill


Heavy rains over the weekend triggered a mini-mudslide on Bernal Hill, along the south side of Bernal Heights Boulevard, just east of Ellsworth.

Neighbor Fiid shared this photo of the washed out segment of the slope, and from this angle is looks like Bernal Hill is trying to reclaim the roadway. Which, in a geological sense, it most certainly is.

UPDATE: Bernalwood dispatched the Mobile Uplink Miata to the slide scene this morning. Here’s a complete daylight view: 

In addition, there are many smaller slides and mud flumes visible all over Bernal Hill, so tread carefully to avoid slipping and/or exacerbating soil erosion. 

5 thoughts on “Epic Rains Trigger Mini-Mudslide on Bernal Hill

  1. well i hope, unlike me, none of you is going to waste your time contacting anyone in government about erosion in this district. not one peep out of Silence Is Complicity David Campos regarding either this or all the washboard, cratered streets in the area and his successor is proud to say she’s just like him.
    i met with a representative of CalTrans FOURTEEN YEARS AGO about the hill next to 101 melting away, trees dying and falling, lost homes for the few remaining wildlife, etc. and (do i really need to say this?) absolutely no response.

    • Bernal hill has been eroding for many years. There are ravines that are deeper than ever. This slide should be no surprise. People and/ or their dogs are ignorant of the effects of their climbing where there is no path! It’s been going on for years. If one points out the problem, the response is arrogance! I’ve lived here for 41 years and this hill is a mess due to carelessness!

  2. The hill is slip-slidin away…an text book example of human and dog caused erosion. Begun by the quarry at the top years ago, furthered by years of motorcycle dirt bikes in 1970s…the road/guard rail at the top is like two feet of above the eroded grade…the sheet of rock and mud every storm to the east and worse (reading Carl above). The west side is deeply gullied also. It would be great if some of the straight down paths or other worse ones were “stick-weired” to close them. We all love the hill so much…a few simple actions would help.

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