Thursday: Neighbors Wanted to Discuss How to Make the Tompkins Stairs More Lovely


There’s a community meeting happening on Thursday night, November 17 to begin mapping out a plan to make the Tompkins Stairs vastly more sexxxy. Neighbor Vicky has all the details:

Just wanted to call to your attention to a community meeting to envision an improvement to the Tompkins Stairs (on Tompkins between Putnam and Nevada).

We would love to get as many members of the community to this meeting. We’re excited to make another great park like the Esmeralda Stairs, so we hope that folks who care about the stairs will show up.

This property is owned (but not maintained!) by DPW. Come meet with DPW staff and share your thoughts. We need a good turnout to let them know this neighborhood cares!

Many thanks,

Neighbor Vicky
(on behalf of the Tompkins Stairs Beautification group)



Thursday, November 17, 2016, 7:00 pm
Bernal Heights Neighborhood Center
515 Cortland Avenue, across from the Library

The purpose of the meeting, which will be facilitated by representatives of the Department of Public Works, is to sketch out a community-driven vision for the stairs. What would you like to see this space look like going forward?

  • A clean, safe open space?
  • A relaxing and beautiful green space?
  • Public art?
  • A pollination garden?
  • A children’s play space?
  • Community gardens?
  • Something else??

Please join your neighbors and help envision the future of the Tompkins Stairs!

For more information, visit our new website or contact us at

PHOTO: View of the Tompkins Stairs, courtesy of Neighbor Vicky

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