Cortland Floral Designer Creates Ephemeral “Petals for Peace” on Bernal Hill



Natasha Lisitsa is a floral designer who operates Waterlily Pond, a floral design studio on the hard-working end of Cortland Avenue (near Bradford). Bernalwood has told you about Natasha before; she’s offered pop-up Valentine’s bouquets at Pinhole Coffee and had work featured at the fabulous deYoung Museum in Golden Gate Park.

Yesterday, one week after the national election that changed everything, Natasha Lisitsa and her husband Daniel Schultz created an ephemeral installation on the north face of Bernal Hill that beautifully represents a hopeful spirit during an anxious age.

Waterlily Pond tells Bernalwood:

Internationally recognized floral artists Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz, owners of Bernal Heights, San Francisco-based Waterlily Pond Floral Artistry, have created Petals for Peace, a gesture of beauty and peace for uncertain times focused on fear, anger, and division.

The pink and white petals of 10,000 roses have been recycled from a weekend wedding and arranged into a 40′ diameter peace-sign facing the city of San Francisco from atop the steep, verdant slopes of Bernal Hill.

Neighbor Maria went for a run and she saw us working on the hill and helped us. We are very grateful.

Beautiful! Special thanks go out to the recent rains, which brought the water, which turned Bernal Hill green again, so the color of the roses really pops.

Check it out while you still can; rose petals dry out and decompose quickly, so the installation will soon be gone without a trace.

Here are some more photos shared by Bernal neighbors:



UPDATE, 10:35 am: It’s sunnier today, and I had a chance to head up to the hill to check out the installation. It’s amazing! Here are some flower-fresh images from a few minutes ago:



PHOTOS: Top, aerial photos courtesy of Waterlily Pond. Petals close-up by Michael Ashe. View from below by Estelle Fraise.

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