After all the rain of the last few days, we’re starting to see a little sunshine, and as every Bernalese unicorn wrangler knows, these are prime conditions for a rainbow barrage.

The Bernalwood Rainbow Situation Control Facility is now receiving reports of several Category Three  Four rainbows touching down all around Bernal Heights. Thanks to Neighbor Brittnell for sharing the photo of the Direct Hit on Bernal Hill you see up top.

Check out this gem from Neighbor Bryan:


Here’s a great one from Neighbor Tom shared the photo you see just above:


Neigbor Myssterry captured a full-arc double-rainbow perspective:


Neighbor Kristen shared this most Bernalicious of Bernal rainbow photos:

Neighbor Dan shared this confirmed sighting from Precitaville:

precitavillerainbowAs always, residents are advised to keep a close eye on the skies, and to beware of sudden-onset euphoria. You may also see unusual quantities of unicorn glitter on the streets and sidewalks in the hours ahead, so tread carefully to avoid slippage.

And finally, Neighbor Ernie kindly shared this great shot of a rainbow over Bernal, as seen from Noe Valley:


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