Our New Cloud-City Skyline, as Seen From Bernal Hill


Wow .Check out this amazing photo, captured from Bernal Hill Monday morning and shared on Reddit by @faunz.

This is an image of our futuristic urban future, as it shows the skeleton of the new Salesforce Tower poking through the dense blanket of fog that sometimes covers downtown San Francisco. So gorgeous. So Cloud City of Bespin.

Your Bernalwood editor also noticed the new tower standing proud through the clouds when I awoke on Monday, and it prompted a pre-caffeinated moment of wonder and awe. So I’m grateful to have that moment captured in a photo. It’s going to be amazing to see how our evolving skyline will look from Bernal Heights when Salesforce Tower is completed.

PHOTO: @faunz on Reddit

2 thoughts on “Our New Cloud-City Skyline, as Seen From Bernal Hill

  1. Gotta say that the Salesforce Tower is a prime example of unimaginative and boring architecture. Resembling a large highlighter or DustBuster, it lacks any real honor to the jewel that is this city. When compared to London’s Shard or Gherkin or anything in Shanghai for that matter, it still amazes me that with a world of architectural talent we still can’t get away from ho hum ideas and cookie cutter skylines.

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