Saturday: A Free Street Party for Little People


Neighbor Jen invites kids of all ages to Little Angels Preschool’s (slightly early) Summer Festival happening this weekend, on Saturday, May 7. She says:

The festival is a free event happening in Bernal Heights from 10 am -3 pm on Saturday, May 7 on Jarboe between Moultrie and Anderson.

This is a family-friendly event with a jumpy house, and much more. The fire and police departments will attend and emergency 911; all will bring their trucks and police cars and do a demonstration. Home Depot and Target have a free workshop all day for all kids and the Bernal Heights librarian will come to do story time with kids.

There’ll also be a BBQ and bake sale to help fundraise for the school. Should be fun! I am personally making some very delicious lemon-currant scones for the bake sale.


3 thoughts on “Saturday: A Free Street Party for Little People

  1. My goodness. There is a lot of outdoor fun to be had Saturday.
    Fiestaval at Fairmount Elementary School is happening Saturday and featuring a lot of thing along the same side as this pre-school’s event. There will be food trucks and bake sales, butterfly tents, jumpy houses and a carnival vibe.
    There is also the block garage sale on fair oaks the same day.

  2. Hey hey just saw a coyote on the soutg side of the hill, crossing BHB around gates.  It was in the middle of the road and I stopped.  It went back up the hill for a few, but it wanted to go back across to the south side at gates. I let it cross.  Maybe it’s a mama with pups?

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